Sunday, May 13, 2007

Trailer of Bollywood Movie Cash (2007)

Moviestills from Bollywood Movie Cash (2007) :

Moviestills from Bollywood Movie Cash (2007) - 01

Moviestills from Bollywood Movie Cash (2007) - 02
Moviestills from Bollywood Movie Cash (2007) - 03
Moviestills from Bollywood Movie Cash (2007) - 04
Moviestills from Bollywood Movie Cash (2007) - 05

Moviestills from Bollywood Movie Cash (2007) - 06
Moviestills from Bollywood Movie Cash (2007) - 07
Moviestills from Bollywood Movie Cash (2007) - 08
Moviestills from Bollywood Movie Cash (2007) - 09

About The Movie & Trailer :
This is a theatrical trailer of forthcoming bollywood film Cash which was released on 27 July 2007 by the direction of Anubhav Sinha. Many celebrated actors and actress are present in this hindi cinema. It's a remake of the malayanam film by the same name.

Watch and also download this most awaiting movie promo.

Complete information of the upcoming movie, Cash, is given below

Movie Name : Cash
Director : Anubhav Sinha
Producer : Anish Ranjan
Banners : Seven Entertainment, Adlabs Films Ltd
Release Date : 27 July, 2007
Genre : Action / Thriller
Language : Hindi
Music Directors : Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani
Lyrics : Vishal Dadlani, Rehem Kare, Panchhi Jalonvi
Cinematographer : Ravi Walia
Story Writer : Yash-Vinay
Dialogue Writer : Anubhav Sinha
Editor : Amarjeet Singh
Action Director : Antony Stone
Costume Designers : Anna Singh, Suneet Verma, Naveen Shetty, Nandita Methani
Sound Designer : Arun Nambiar
Background Score : Ranjit Barot
Choreographer : Remo, Rajeev Goswami
Playback Singer : Sunidhi Chauhan
Publicity Designer : Himanshu, Rahul Nanda
Co-Producers : ASP White Films Pvt. Ltd. , Merlin Karavalil
Cassettes and CD's on : Big Music
Shooting Locations (City & Country) : Cape Town (South Africa), South Africa
Cast :
Ajay Devgan...... Karan / Doc
Ritesh Deshmukh...... Lucky
Zayed Khan...... Danny / Dj
Shamita Shetty...... Shania
Sunil Shetty...... Angad
Esha Deol...... Pooja
Dia Mirza...... Aditi
Synopsis :

A priceless diamond is up for grabs…
An amazing heist has taken place…
The payment is made…
The buyer is waiting…
Then things go horribly wrong…
Marked notes lead to a trail of cold blooded murder and ruthless double cross…
As treachery rears its ugly head… The game turns vicious…
First everybody was fighting for the diamond… Now they’re fighting for something even more precious – their lives…
The rules of the game are clear – the winner will take it all...
The loser will lose it...
Even his life…
Nobody’s to blame but everyone will play the price.
More Information : Wikipedia
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Video file size : 05.88 MB
Video length : 01:05 min.
Video resolution : 320X240
Video Quality : Excellent


Krish said...

Awsum yaar !!

Lorra said...

About The Movie & Trailer is a cool movie (well out of those from Bollywood), I mean to me it is funny at some point. Good job Bollywood producers!

adarsh said...

sexy yaar

Anonymous said...

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