Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trailer of film Victoria No. 203 (2007)

Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) :

Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 01
Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 02
Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 03

Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 04

Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 05
Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 06
Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 07
Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 08

Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 09
Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 10
Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 11
Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 12

Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 13
Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 14
Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 15
Posters from film Victoria No. 203 (2007) - 16

About The Movie & Trailer :
Victoria No. 203 is a remake of the original 1972s blockbuster hit by the same name. This suspense cum comedy movie had a released date of 31 August 2007. In this movie the actress is newcomer Soniya Mehra, the daughter of the late actor Vinod Mehra. In the trailer a dialogue & song promo are added.

Full infos of the upcoming hindi cinema 'Victoria No. 203' are given below

Movie Name : Victoria No. 203
Tagline : Diamonds are forever
Director : Anant Mahadevan
Producer : Kamal Sadanah
Banner : Angath Arts Pvt. Ltd.
Presenter : RGV Film Company
Release Date : 31 August 2007
Genre : Comedy / Suspense
Language : Hindi
Music Directors : Himesh Reshammiya, Viju Shah
Lyricist : Sameer
Story Writer : Manoj Tyagi
Dialogue & Screenplay Writers : Sanjeev Puri, Manoj Tyagi
Editor : Sanjeeb Datta
Executive Producer : Saqib Khan
Action Director : Shyam Kaushal
Choreographer : Javed Jaffrey
Playback Singer : Javed Jaffrey
Publicity Designer : Glamour Design Studio
Shooting Studios : Filmcity, Filmalaya, Mehboob Studio
Cast :
Om Puri as Rana
Anupam Kher as Raja
Jimmy Shergill as Jimmy Joseph
Preeti Jhangiani as Devyani
Soniya Mehra as Sara Raman
Kamal Sadanah as Ranjeet
Javed Jaffrey as Bobby Bombatta
Tora Kshasgir as Tora
Rajesh Khera as Karan
Synopsis :

Victoria No. 203 is a story about a diamond heist and how the lives of so many different people get intertwined in the search for the lost diamonds.

The movie takes off with a display of the 100 crore diamonds. Bobby Bombata (Jaaved Jaafri), a nefarious industrialist and Devyani (Preeti Jhangiani), his mole, are smitten by the diamonds. Bombata is willing to acquire them at any price but when his offer to buy the diamonds is turned down, he hires the services of a cat burglar, Tora (Tora Khasgir), in order to steal the diamonds. Tora performs a daredevil heist and escapes with the diamonds. But she has an agenda of her own and plans to double-cross Bombata with the help of her brother Karan (Rajesh Khera). Just as she is about to make good her escape she runs into the infamous Ranjit (Kamal Sadanah), who stabs her. Wounded and on the run, she falls next to Victoria No. 203 in which she hides the diamonds. Raman, the Victoria owner, offers to take her to the hospital and in the process gets caught by the police who suspect him of attempted murder. Raman’s daughter Sara (Soniya Mehra) is forced at this stage to ride the Victoria in order to make money for her father’s trial, unaware that she is riding around Bombay with 100 crore worth diamonds in her Victoria! Or is she? Enter Jimmy (Jimmy Sheirgill), an expert on diamonds, who takes a ride in the Victoria and falls instantly in love with Sara, bringing romance to the proceedings. But Jimmy is more than just an expert on diamonds, as the two key players in the film, Raja (Anupam Kher) & Rana (Om Puri), small time crooks out to make a fast buck, find out. Just out of jail, they come across a key that promises to reverse their ill fortune. The key leads Raja and Rana to the Victoria and the ride begins, culminating in all the characters meeting in an unbelievably hilarious climax and none of them know where the diamonds actually are.

Victoria No. 203 is a comic caper that promises an unmissable ride of fun and excitement.Take the ride at a cinema near you.
More Information : Wikipedia
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Video file size : 03.82 MB
Video length : 00:59 min.
Video resolution : 320X240
Video Quality : Excellent


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