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Aggar (2007) bollywood film trailer

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About The Movie & Trailer :
Aggar is a thriller bollywood movie directed by Anant Mahadevan and featuring Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Vikas Kalantri & Udita Goswami in the main role. The movie was released in 14 September 2007 from Shri Siddhivinayak International banner.

Three short promos, in which a teaser promo & two songs promos are merged.

Complete information of film Aggar are given below

Movie Name : Aggar [also known as If (English Translation)]
Tagline : What if your biggest fear came true
Director : Anant Mahadevan
Producers : Narendra Bajaj, Shyam Bajaj
Banner : Shri Siddhivinayak International
Release Date : 14 September 2007
Genre : Thriller
Language : Hindi
Music Director : Himesh Reshammiya
Lyricist : Sayeed Qadri
Cinematographer : K. Rajkumar
Story Writer : Anant Mahadevan
Editors : Bunty Nagi, Manish More
Art Director : Chokas Bharadwaj
Action Director : Allan Amin
Sound Designer : J. P. Sehgal
Audiography : Navin Shah
Choreographer : Remo
Playback Singers : Roop Kumar Rathod, Mithoon, Hamza Farooqui, Tulsi Kumar, Shilpa Rao, Sharmishtha
Cassettes and CD's on : T-Series
Cast :
Tusshar Kapoor as Aryan
Shreyas Talpade as Dr. Adi Merchant
Vikas Kalantri
Udita Goswami as Janvi
Nauheed Cyrusi
Sophie Chaudhary
Synopsis :

A woman discovers that, becoming attracted to the wrong man can have deadly consequences in this taut and tense thriller. Janvi (Udita Goswami) is a woman whose life would seem ideal on the surface: she runs a thriving business and is married to Dr Adi Merchant (Shreyas Talpade), a psychiatrist.

But a faint air of discontent has begun to creep into her relationship when Aryan (Tusshar Kapoor), joins Janvi’s company. For the first time Janvi impulsively gets drawn into an acquaintance, which she believes will give her something to live for. But in a strange twist of events she realizes that she has stumbled badly and tries to break off her affair. Aryan, however, is not willing to give her up so easily, and his attraction to her soon becomes a dangerous obsession threatening to wipe out Dr Adi’s existence forever.

Aggar is a story of electrifying Passion, Betrayal and Terror.
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