Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dil Dosti Etc (2007) movie trailer

Dil Dosti Etc movie wallpapers :

Dil Dosti Etc movie wallpapers - 01

Dil Dosti Etc movie wallpapers - 02
Dil Dosti Etc movie wallpapers - 03
Dil Dosti Etc movie wallpapers - 04
Dil Dosti Etc movie wallpapers - 05
About The Movie & Trailer :
Dil Dosti Etc - Girls, sex, lust, love-making. Things that have obsessed, attracted, mystified, frustrated, challenged boys from the time they become aware of their manhood make Manish Tiwary's film.
It's not so much the story that works for the movie, but the presentation and the performances that draw you in. Dealing in the theme of love, lust and betrayal, in the back drop of a college election, Dil Dosti Etc has almost nothing filmi about it. It's all about growing up.
Here a long official trailer is given for free download.

Five high quality wallpapers are also given above for free download.

Details of the upcoming hindi film 'Dil Dosti Etc' are furnished below

Movie Name : Dil Dosti Etc [Also known as Heart Friendship Etc (English Title)]
Tagline : When you are young, you believe the possibilities are endless...
Director : Manish Tiwari
Producer : Prakash Jha
Banner : Holi Cow Pictures
Release Date : 28 September 2007
Genre : Romance / Social
Language : Hindi
Music Directors : Suhas, Siddharth
Editor : Hina Saiyada
Art Director : Sunil Chabra
Costume Designer : Priyanka Mundada
Photographer : Arvind K.
Cassettes and CD's on : Big Music
Cast :
Shreyas Talpade as Sanjay Mishra
Imaad Shah as Apurv
Smriti Mishra as Vaishali
Ishita Sharma as Kintu
Nikita Anand
Watch The Trailer :
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Download The Trailer :
To download Dil Dosti Etc movie's trailer click on the following link
[ Click here to download ]
Video file size : 10.77 MB
Video length : 03:20 min.
Video resolution : 320X240
Video Quality : Excellent


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